Monday, February 29, 2016

Celebrating National Craft Month

Tomorrow officially kicks off  National Craft Month!  As I mentioned earlier, this year I was going to focus on developing my own work this year.  One of the best motivators I have found is to find a support system.  Not only can you get great feedback on your work, but you can get great advice from others who have experience in an area you may have never tried before.  

Thanks to the internet we now have a plethora of opportunities to reach out to others, and develop a support group that can even be international.  Imagine receiving advice and help from around the world, yes it is possible!

So to motivate me to use my fabric stash, I have joined the Splendid Sampler created by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson.  Twice a week a new block is posted for you to create.  They are 6 ½” blocks, that will finish to a 6"x 6" size, so they don’t require large amounts of time.   However, because of the little pieces you will really get to develop your piecing techniques.

Each block has been created by a different quilter, and they have been sharing great stories that go with the blocks.  There is also a Facebook group to share your blocks as you create them.  It can be found here I have been inspired by the variety of fabric combinations and variety of artistic interpretations that have been shared on Facebook.

To be honest, I have only downloaded the patterns thus far.  But seeing others results and blocks is encouraging me to set aside the needed time to work on my blocks and create my own Splendid Sampler.

Even though they have just released block 6, it is not too late to join in.  This is the link to get you started.  

I would love to have you join me and to see your work, so feel free to share them to this post!  Happy piecing your own Splendid Sampler, Linda

Monday, February 15, 2016

Free-Motion "Fun"damentals

I'm so excited to share that this Saturday I will be launching a new class totally devoted to helping you develop and expand your machine quilting skills!  The name of this class is Free-motion "Fun"damentals.  And as the title suggests, we are going to have some fun as we practice the machine quilting designs.
The class sample for the E's and L's

Each class is designed to focus on one special machine quilting technique.  To start off we are going to work on our E's and L's.  As some of you know, I consider them a basic shape to create many of my machine quilting designs.  I will also share with you all the industry hints and helps, to get you on your way to quilting those tops you have been holding onto.

The best part of this class is that you will have time to work on and develop your skills using your own home sewing machine.  This will help you to replicate the process once you are at home.

So buy out some time to develop your skills, and I will see you on Saturday!  For more information go to

See you there! Linda