Friday, February 28, 2020

Monday, February 17, 2020

What Should You Write on a Quilt Label?

Do you take the time to create quilt labels for your quilts?  I admit that sometimes when I get to the end of a project, I just want to finish it and get it done.  Have you been there?

I created this post to go along with a guild program that I offer called,  "Telling Your Story--Labeling Your Quilts".  I designed it to encourage quilters to leave a recorded legacy of their work.  After all when you work so hard on a project you deserve the credit. 

It is important to label your quilts for a variety of reasons.  Some are:

  1.  It provides a historical record for the future
  2. Protects your work, incase of theft or loss
  3. Helps us to remember the when, where, and who of the pattern and inspiration
  4. Adds value, especially when estimating quilt values or appraisals
  5. Shares the story of the quilt

In the program I share a variety of ways to quickly create and add a labels to your quilts.  

There are some things you may want to include in your quilt labels.  They include:
  1.  The creator's name and the quilter's name if they are different
  2. Who the quilt is designed for
  3. Where the quilt was made
  4. A starting and finishing date
  5. The title of the quilt or the quilt pattern
  6.  Special techniques used in making the quilt, inspiration for the quilt, etc.
  7. Care Instructions
As I was researching this program, I came across some wonderful items that other creators have used to create quilt labels.  Use the links to grab these fabulous free offers:

These great fabric envelopes are available from Babylock.  

Sew Can She offers these great printable quilt labels.  Use your favorite permanent, acid free pen to write in the information. 

Connecting Threads offers a great variety of pintables. 

June Tailor also offers an abundance of printable quilt labels.  Click Here

You can find my link to free machine embroidery labels on my website,  Look for this picture and you can download my free designs in PES format.

Looking for more inspiration on how to create a quilt label?  Check out my Pinterest board dedicated to Quilt Labels on the Linda Bratten Creations.

Are you interested in having me come and present at your guild or favorite quilt shop?  

Simply fill out a contact email on my website and I will send you a list of programs and workshops that are available.

Off to get ready for my program,

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Survive and Endure, a Photo Transferred Quilt that is Thread Painted

I am currently working on several programs for quilt guilds.  As I create samples, I get to have some fun with my machine. 

I just finished this piece, Survive and EndureIt is for all of us who have overcome obstacles, but go on finding and sharing beauty with others. This monarch butterfly has a damaged wing, and yet it continues in its work and shares its beauty in the imperfect.

This is a photo transfer, done on my inkjet printer.  Then I thread painted the butterfly to make it stand out.

Would you be interested in learning how I do this?

Friday, February 7, 2020

Happy National Embroidery Month!

Designs by Jenny Haskins on a silk quilt block

February is National Embroidery Month.  As many of you know, I try to do most of my work with a machine.  This is due to an injury to my right hand which limits the strength I need to complete many hand sewn techniques.  That being said, I have found great delight in using my embroidery machine to enhance many of my sewn and quilted items.  

Design by Bonnie McCaffery enhanced with fabric paints on a t-shirt

As a quilter, I never thought that I would need an embroidery machine.  But now having owned one for that past 15 years, and I have a different view on the matter.  So much so that I now own digitizing software and love creating my own designs!

My Papa Bear Applique Design

My Goldilocks and the Three Bears Machine Embroidery Designs, available for purchase soon!

Using an embroidery machine has enabled me to create a handmade look in less time. So I can create more!

My original peacock embroidery design, back of jacket.

The front of my peacock jacket with my original peacock feather design.

 I created this scarf as a "practice" piece for my jacket.  

Testing my original design and created this scarf.

I entered it in the Bernina/Threads Magazine Machine Embroidery Challenge and it was one of the 5 semi-finalist!
Read about how I entered it here. (there is a link to the Threads Magazine Blog that talks more of the process)

So do you embroider?  Which do you prefer, hand or machine?

I would love some feedback, 

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Looking for Some Inspiration???

January is a month full of testing resolutions set to improve our lives.  I have found that those easiest to keep are the ones we truly are inspired by.  That being said, did any of you resolve to become more creative this year?

One way to be inspired to be more creative is increase you knowledge in an area you love.  This year I am excited to be teaching a variety of different quilting and sewing classes at different venues. Check out what is happening in the next couple of weeks!

Saturday, January 25, 10 am Quilt 4U, Columbia, MO

Saturday, January 25, 1 pm Quilt 4U, Columbia, MO

Pushing the Rulers, 2020 Session Mandatory First Class, Saturday, February 1, 10 am, Rooster Creek Quilting, Holts Summit, MO 

Fabric Postcards, February 1, 1 pm, Rooster Creek Quilting, 

Have I tempted you to try something new?  

Do you know of a Quilt Shop or Guild that would love to have me present?  Go to my website at and fill out a contact form, and I would be happy to send a list of the programs I present.

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Off to prepare for my workshops!

Friday, January 10, 2020

28 Days to Better Free-Motion Quilting

I am so excited to let you know that today Bluprint has released a new program to help you develop your free-motion quilting skills on a domestic sewing machine. It is called 28 Days to Better Free-Motion Quilting. 

It is a four-week special event hosted by Angela Walters, featuring instruction from Bluprint's top quilters.  I am honored to let you know that I am one of the 11 instructors selected to participate in this event!

Photo taken from Bluprint Resources for the 28 Days to Better Free-Motion Quilting.

The first seven days will be focusing on simple designs to get you comfortable with free-motion quilting and build some skills to move onto more complex designs.

A Free-Motion Sampler created for classes I teach

Who doesn't enjoy lessons with a great workbook to download? Join in the fun by using my affiliate link by clicking here!

While you are there, check out my own Bluprint class that focuses on a variety of nature inspired quilting motifs.

Excited to be able to share this with you!