Friday, January 18, 2019

The First Snow of 2019, Staying Creative when Staying In

I live in Mid-Missouri.  This past weekend, we were hit with a large snow storm. It started on Friday, and looked beautiful as it started so I got my camera out to take a few photos.  It was a real heavy wet snow, so I started making preparations in case the power would go out.

Since my sweetheart was out of town, I put extra wood in the house, started charging all my electronic devices and filled some containers with water.  I also managed to fill the bird feeders. By midnight, the power was gone.

We didn't get the winds with this storm, and the temperatures never plummeted. However, the snow did come.

And it kept coming.....

and coming!
Other Quilters commented on my accurate measuring device!

So sixteen inches of snow, and no power for 36 hours did teach me a few things. While I was prepared enough to endure the power outage, and earned the title of "pioneer woman" from my family.  I didn't plan ahead for my creative needs.

I was hoping to use my snow days to work on my website, getting patterns ready and editing some videos.  Needless to say, that didn't happen.

I did gather up some items to start an English Paper Piecing project that I have been wanting to start, but it needed a good press to get started.  So I didn't get far with that.

I was able to do some preparation and planning for my newsletter and my Facebook group, Linda B Creative.  I can't wait to get started with those projects.  Be sure to join and get in on the fun!

However, we are expecting more snow this weekend!  So what do you prepare to satisfy your creative needs when weather keeps you in?  Be sure to share both those you can do with and without power!  (They are talking lots of wind and cold temperatures with this system!)

Thanks for helping me stay creative.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 Res-Sew-Lutions

Hello Creatives!

As the new year begins, I try to plan ahead the projects and tasks that I want to accomplish.  This includes focuses for my Facebook Group, Linda B Creative.

So in an effort to keep me accountable this year, I am sharing my 2019 Res-Sew-Lutions with you.

  1. To achieve the first one, I am planning more Sew-Alongs with my Facebook group, Linda B Creative.  I love to inspire others to expand their creativity.  And I hope to do so, by exploring a variety of techniques and sharing them with my group.
  2. Next, I want to reduce my fabric stash.  I am going to try to incorporate at least 80% of the fabric I have on hand in my new projects.  The temptation is great to shop, but I really need to downsize--so I can shop again!
  3. I love to teach and I have a ton of ideas for online classes.  I would love to get at least 2 of them online.  I have spent the last month prepping to tape, and I cannot wait to share them with you.
  4. Along the last line, I want to release more of my original patterns for purchase.  Watch my website, for more on these last two res-sew-lutions.
  5. Finally, I want to enjoy the process.  Many times I find myself creating one class sample after another.  Feeling a deadline pressure, rather than a creative inspiration.  This year I want to change that so I can enjoy the process along with the creating. 

That is probably more than I will be able to accomplish along with my regular life.  So be sure to encourage me in the Linda B Creative group and by following and commenting on my blog.

You can subscribe to the blog and comment  by going to this section and entering in your email address.

I'm sure that all of you know how important having a support group is, so let's get started with my First Sew-Along of the year.  You can get started by downloading the Free Foundation Paper Piecing Labels that we will use on our Sew-Along.  They are available on my website at

Then be sure to join my Facebook Group, Linda B Creative, where I will share the pattern and demonstrate how to create our first project of the year!

Let's make 2019 our most creative year ever!


Sunday, November 4, 2018

Some Faux Batik Fun at the Rooster Creek Quilt Guild Retreat

I was honored to be able to share my mixed media, Mixing It Up-Faux Batik Tote Bags, at the Rooster Creek Quilt Guild September Retreat.

It was great fun to get them started with the resist. Then we were able to add the color to our fabric panels!

Once the paint was set, they set off creating their own unique tote.

Check out this promotional video that will hopefully inspire you to look into hosting this workshop at your guild or local quilt shop.

It was a great weekend to spend with great quilters!

Linda Bratten

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Hosting 52 Quilters for the Month of November, Art Quilters

I am so excited and honored to be hosting the month of November for the

It is focusing on Art Quilters and I am working with a great team!

I have posted my story on the blog and you can read about it here:

Also check out their  52 Quilters Instagram account at:

While you are there, be sure to follow my Instagram account for additional inspiration! Here is the link to my account:

Sharing my love of art quilting with the world!- Linda

Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Leaf and Curl Simple Border Free-Motion Quilting Design

I love the colors and shapes of Fall!  I often use them in the art quilts I create.  Today I am sharing a mini lesson on free-motion quilting on how to do my favorite small border design.

For those of you that have taken any of my free-motion quilting classes, including my Craftsy class,  Exploring Natural Machine-Quilting Motifs, you know that I use basic shapes to create my quilting motifs.

This is explained in detail in my online class, use this affiliate link to find out more about this class.

So using my "E and L" shapes and the "C and J" shapes you can create this quick and easy border.

Be sure to share what you create with this motif in my Facebook Group, Linda B Creative.

Not a member?  Search for Linda B Creative and ask to join!

And don't forget to sign up for my free newsletter, Linda B Creative! Use this link to join in the fun!

Enjoying the Season, Linda Bratten

Thursday, May 31, 2018

How to make Jessa's Oven/Grill Mitt

Jessa's Oven/Grill Mitt
I have enjoyed sewing most of my life. I can honestly say that there is no greater joy than sharing what you know with someone new to the sewing and quilting craft.  When my daughter-in-law asked if we could make an oven mitt that was extra long to be used when she bakes bread, I jumped at the chance!  And as a bonus, she has agreed to share her adventure on my blog!

While she desired a long mitt, I desired a mitt that would fit a larger hand.  Together we created a long mitt to protect the forearm and a larger mitt to accommodate a bigger hand.  The pattern we designed is available in the Linda B Creative Facebook Group in the "Files" section. On Facebook, search Linda B Creative and ask to join.  This pattern is for personal use only. Contact Linda on her website, to use this pattern as a class or as a lesson plan.

Be sure to print it at 100% or actual size instead of fit to page.

Then cut it out on the solid line and tape the 8 1/2" side of a standard piece of printer paper to the edge with the red solid line.

This will be the pattern for the extra long mitt.  If you need more width, cut down the center of the pattern and tape in a piece of paper cut to the additional required width.

To create this mitt you will need:
  •  The above mentioned pattern
  • A sewing machine in working order
  • While a standard presser foot can complete the project, we used a walking foot, a 1/4" patchwork foot, and an Edge-joining presser foot.
  • Construction Thread and Thread that matches the Binding
  •  2 pieces of Insul-Bright or heat resistant batting 20" x 11 1/2" each
  • 2 pieces of 100% Quilter's Cotton for the lining 20" x 11 1/2" each
  • 2 pieces of Cotton Duck Upholstery Fabric 20" x 11 1/2" each
  • 5" piece of 1/2" grosgrain ribbon
  • 2 1/2" x 40" Piece of Quilter's Cotton for the Binding, we used the same fabric as the lining for this.
  • Basic sewing supplies
The secret to creating this mitt is in the correct layering.  Start with a piece of heat resistant batting. We used Insul-Bright.  Place a piece of Insul-Bright on the cutting mat with the shiny metallic side down on the cutting mat side. If you altered the pattern, all the fabric and batting will be 1- 1 1/2" larger.  Remember this size as all the rest of the layers will be cut to this size.

Now place your two pieces of 100% Quilter's cotton on top the Insul-Bright.  Place the lining pieces right sides together.

Next place a second layer of Insul-Bright on top of the lining fabric.  Place the metallic side so it is facing up .

Finally layer both of the outside cotton duck fabric with the right sides together on top of the last layer of Insul-Bright.  

Now place the paper pattern on top of all the layers.

Feel free to use pattern weights or pins to hold the pattern in place.

Using a rotary cutter or a pair of shears cut through all layers, be careful not to shift the layers.

If needed trim the excess fabric away in small sections.

Use fabric clips or pins to hold the layers together and take the layers to the sewing machine.

We use a walking foot to help us maneuver through all the layers of the mitt.  We used basic polyester construction thread with a stitch length of 2-2 1/2", and a 1/2" seam allowance around all the edges of the mitt, leaving unsewn the short 8 1/2" edge where you will insert your hand.

We also used a needle down position to help us pivot around the mitt.

So far, so good!
 Next use pinking shears to clip around the curved edges of the seam allowances close to, but not through the line of sitching.

Also clip into the sharp turns around the thumb areas.

Then take the top layer of the cotton duck and separate the two layers of duckTurn the outside top layer of the duck to the back  side of the Insul-Bright.  

That is the only layer that needs to be turned to the outside and the mitt should have both of the right sides of the cotton duck on the outside of the mitt. Use a dull point to smooth out the edges after you turn the mitt.

Next cut a piece of grosgrain ribbon that is 5" long to create a hanger for the mitt.

Then cut a piece of lining fabric that is 2 1/2" x 40" longFold this piece in half, with the wrong sides together down the long side of the fabric and press.

On one short end fold it into the wrong side of the binding 1/2" and press, to create a finished edge.

Next pin the ribbon on  the seamed edge opposite of the thumb.  The ribbon should be on the outside of the mitt with raw edges matching.

 Pin or clip the binding to the inside of the mitt, start with the finished pressed edge and match the raw edges of the binding and the mitt together.

Next using a 1/4" patchwork presser foot, and a 1/4" seam allowance, begin to attach the binding to the mitt. Be sure to leave about 3" of the binding with the finished edge unsewn so you will be able to trim and  tuck the unfinished edge inside it  and sew it shut by machine.

Finally, use an Edge-joining presser foot on your machine.  Select a decorative stitch and matching thread to sew the folded edge of the binding to the outside of the mitt. Pull the folded edge of the binding over the line of stitching that attached the binding. Place the center guide bar of the Edge-joining presser foot, on the folded edge of the binding to keep the decorative stitches in place.  Place the inside of the mitt on the free arm of the sewing machine and slowly and steadily stitch down the binding.

Secure the stitches when you reach the start of your decorative stitches.

Now you are ready to enjoy your Summer and baking plans with your new Oven/Grill Mitt!  Thanks Jessa, for assisting me in this fun and easy project!

Looking forward to more grilling this Summer, Linda