Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Machine Quilters Showcase 2014!

This April I was selected to teach my beginning domestic machine quilting class, Meandering Methods, at the Machine Quilters Showcase.  The event was hosted by the International Machine Quilters Association, Inc., and held in Wichita, Kansas.
MQS Class Schedule

I had a full class with students coming from; Kansas, Nebraska, and even Minnesota!

They did a great job!  Just look at their class samples.

A special thanks to Midwest Sewing of Wichita, Kansas, for providing great machines for my class.

This is Michelle from Midwest Sewing sharing information about the machines.

It was great fun to meet with other teachers, share ideas, shop the vendors, and see the quilt show.  But the best part was working with a group of quilters who wanted to develop their machine quilting skills.

Special thanks to my helpers: Sheri, Elaine and Janice, you were loads of help, and a blast to shop with! (You don't have to share the last part with your husbands.)  Searching for our next adventure--Linda