Friday, November 22, 2019

Testing a Quilt Pattern

Recently a call went out to find pattern testers for a new pattern designed by Gosia Pawlowska of Quilts My Way.  I had just finished the final class of the Paper Snowflakes BOM, and I was looking for a quick project to inspire and motivate me to plan for my 2020 classes.

This pattern really caught my eye and looked like a fun project. I submitted my application and was excited to be approved. Gosia had included a coloring page to help us choose where to put the fabrics. This allowed us to preview what the quilt will look like, and decide if the colors chosen will work together.

Next, I assessed my stash and pulled what I thought would be fun fabrics to work with.  I created a list of needed fabric pieces. Then I was off to shop for the missing pieces!  

The pattern came as a PDF file and some of the larger pieces needed to be joined together.

A light box really helped with this process.

After all the pieces were done, I have to admit I was a bit intimidated.  I may have even wondered what I had gotten myself into!

I used a second copy of the coloring page and a highlighter to mark the sections off as I created them.  It was just like putting together a puzzle, but keeping things organized was the key. The quilt started coming together, and I was able to enjoy the process.

I was so excited to see the pieces come together, but as a tester, I needed to be objective in offering feedback that could help the designer create a great pattern.

On the next post I will share some more of this process!

Off to finish my project,

Monday, November 11, 2019

Finishing the Paper Snowflakes BOM at Rooster Creek Quilting

This is the quilt I demonstrated techniques with.
This month I hosted my final Paper Snowflakes BOM class.  The class focused on developing and learning a wide variety of foundation paper piecing techniques.  I had a great bunch of quilters to work with and I want to share with you what they accomplished!

Enjoy the Paper Snowflake Parade!

Rose made this quilt for her grandson's girlfriend.  She used two kits to create a larger quilt.

These are Laura's blocks, the colors in her blocks give them a strong retro feel.

Susan did a wonderful job getting all her blocks done even as she was recovering from an injury!

Marti couldn't make the last session, but she sent a photo of her finished top.  I can't wait to see it in person!

Terri is auditioning different fabrics for her setting blocks.

Virginia has everything ready to sew together.  She even managed to find a different fabric for her border.

Alma is all set to sew her block together, but there was some discussion about changing some fabric choices.  I am excited to see the results.

Beth is also exploring the option of a different setting fabric.  Her blocks have a fun 30's flair to them.

Debbie is creating her quilt for a nephew, lucky guy! The Fall colors in her quilt are gorgeous.

Donna brought a puzzle for me to solve.  I hope we figured everything out.  I am excited to see the results.

Julie brought a lot of options to the wall.  We all agreed on the bold pink setting blocks.  The inner border is open to what is available.

Judy did a wonderful job making the quilt larger by adding a decorative border piece.  I think she is a bigger Hugh Jackman fan than I am!

Next up is the Dynamic Duo!
I would like to think that Irma and Peggy had so much fun in class that they couldn't wait to create a second quilt at home.  Both did a fabulous job and here are the results.

This was Erma's class project, a black and white version.

Here is what Erma did on the side.  This was my friend from this post:

This is Peggy's class quilt, check out those fancy corner blocks in the border!

This was Peggy's second quilt.  I love the mitered borders!

 I apologize to Diana. I know you were in the class, but somehow I didn't get a picture of you and your quilt. 

Since this last session was optional, not all participated.  I hope that you will bring your finished tops and quilts to a Rooster Creek Guild Meeting so I can see them.

Now on to making plans for next year!