Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Last Post for 2013

Well this is the last post for 2013.  I can’t believe the year is over, as you can see it has been another eventful year for my family and my business.  At this time I would like to spend some time remembering those who have touched our lives, but are no longer with us.

Anton Jelinek's Family, Richard is in the center back.
This year my uncle Richard passed away.  I’m sure it was exceptionally hard on his family since they had just gone through the pain of losing a sister.  My Uncle Richard and Aunt Donna live on the farm that my father and his father were raised on.  I always enjoyed visiting them (they were a family with five children, which translates to always someone to play with!)  I guess the historian in me appreciated knowing that they lived on the “family farm”.  My thoughts and prayers to all of you as you heal from your loss.

On a personal note our family has taken several losses with our furry family members.  Our beloved dog, Brady, passed away early in the year.   

Then this fall we lost our family cat, Chance Lee.  Both were loyal to our family; helping our sons learn responsibility and love.
Chance Lee

Now that we are officially empty nesters, I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for us.  We have added a new furry family member. 

However, he is not as loving as the others, and is 17 pounds of  attitude when it comes to what he thinks is his.  I guess we all are adjusting to changes.
I guess he was cold.

May you all have a great start to the New Year, and may you have plenty of blessings to count.  Good Night-Linda

Love Makes The World Go Around

When you watch two people fall in love, it makes the world a better place.   
They spent all day smiling at each other.

This year we celebrated the marriage of our son, Nathan and his wife, Jessica.  
Generations of handsome guys!

It was a busy and joyous week for our family. 

The Jelinek girls.

My parents came on Monday, Brayden was born on Thursday, and Nathan and Jessica were married on Friday.   
Scott and Randi were able to stay and play for the weekend.

Brooke and Jacob enjoying the weekend!
This left us the weekend to spend with family and friends that traveled to see us!  
I am truly blessed to have a family that I love to be around, and good friends to share them with.

Introducing . . .

Introducing . . . Mr. Brayden Benjamin Bratten, my first grandchild! 

I mentioned earlier that there have been many new additions to the family, he is the latest.  He is the fourth most beautiful baby that I have ever seen—do I need to remind you that I am the mother of three sons? 
Brayden, Great-Grandma Janice and myself when he was in the hospital.

Of course this meant I had to create a few things for the new guy in town.
Burp clothes a necessity with little ones.

On this blanket the blue applique fabric is left over from a project my mother made for Brayden's Dad.

Durable and washable, two key features in this blanket.

I used a pattern I found on Pinterest and adapted it for a bib.
If you are interested some of the patterns can be found on Linda Bratten Creations on Pinterest.

I take my role as grandma very seriously, if you have any suggestions let me know. I’m thinking “Grandma Linda” may be my starring role.

Quilting Quickies

Quilting Quickies is a class that I offer every other month at Zede’s Sewing Studio.  It allows the student to investigate or improve their skills in a variety of quilting techniques.   
From buttons to beading, and various ribbon techniques all are done with the sewing machine.

A variety of ways to do trapunto by machine.
Perfect points are possible with paper piecing!

Topics covered vary from crazy quilt piecing and embellishing by machine, to machine trapunto, paper piecing, and basting, borders and binding techniques.  This next year I am looking into using more technology with our class.  So if you are looking for something new, keep an eye on my Quilting Quickies classes.

I Feel a "Par-Tea" Coming On!

I don’t know if you noticed that my profile has changed a bit.  This year there were several additions to our family!  One that I am particularly excited about is my new daughter-in-law, Jessica.  So to celebrate, I hosted a tea party in her honor.  
The new addition to our home became a tea house for the day.

It was a fun time, and the guests arrived in style.

Thanks to all who helped to make the tea party a success.  You created some wonderful memories, and gave the new couple a fabulous start.