Monday, July 15, 2013

Fun with Feathers--In Color!

I have been having fun with my free-motion quilting techniques.  In order to improve your machine quilting you have to practice!  I was focusing on different kinds of feathers for my Fun with Feathers class.

First, I practiced creating feathers on paper. 
Some of my practice feathers on paper.
More practice on paper!

These drawings then became a “pattern” or guide for me to use when practicing with my sewing machine.

I started with a blank quilt sandwich, and then free-motion quilted my feathers using my sewing machine.
Lower your feed dogs and doodle with thread.

The feathers all stitched out.
I had so much fun making the feathers—the mixed media artist in me couldn’t help but coloring them in with Derwent Inktense water-soluble ink pencils!

Then I diluted and mixed the colors using plain water and a paint brush. 
Fun with Feathers--In Color!

What do you think?  Hopefully, this inspired you to doodle some feathers with your sewing machine!

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