Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Piecing with Your Serger

Why quilt with a serger?  Let’s face it not all our quilts will be a masterpiece. Some will be a much treasured and loved item that will be taken everywhere and washed multiple times.  So why not sew them with a seam that will hold up to such love?
The following are some suggestions for piecing with your serger.
Samples from my French Braid With the Serger Pattern

When selecting a quilting design, the simple lines with few matching seams will work the best.  As one can guess, it can be tricky to get intersecting seams to match.  However, a product called, “Wonder Tape”, will help you to keep seams in-line with one another, and then it is easily removed with water.

By using a 4 thread over lock stitch you will get two lines of needle stitches plus the finished edge of the over lock stitch.  This creates a very durable seam that can hold up to multiple washes which is great for toddler quilts and table runners.
Students using their sergers to piece the French braid table runners.

You must be careful if you are using the knife to take a scant amount off or lock your blades down. Another alternative is to use your 3 thread over lock stitch.  This will create a smaller seam allowance letting you use your blade to trim your raw edges. 
Students performing the important pressing techniques!

Always press as you sew!  You will need to press the seams to one side, preferable to the darker piece of fabric.  

Finally, know where your excess quilt or piece is when you are serging.  There is nothing more frustrating than serging another part of your quilt into the seam.  This could be devastating, especially if the blade cuts into your project.  Remember, always remove the needle threads to rip out the seam, the looper threads will then come off easily.  If needed, an additional appliqué or embroidered design can camouflage a cut in the fabric.

Check out the projects from my French Braid with the Serger class!
Susan chose bright and bold colors.

How pretty for a Mizzou game day!

This one belongs on my table!

What a fun fall piece.

This is one for a sea side event.

Definitely a Mizzou fan.

Have you ever pieced something with your serger?

Sewing a project with the serger, doesn’t take any longer than sewing with a sewing machine, unless you have a serger that is difficult to thread.  But that is for another post---Exploring new ways to use your serger, Linda

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