Thursday, November 17, 2016

Adding a Bit of Color to My Craftsy T-Shirt Challenge

As I continue on with this Craftsy T-Shirt Challenge, I decided that maybe I was suffering from a creativity block due to the size of the project.  So I started to cut one of the shirts apart.  I am a quilter, it is normal for me to take perfectly beautiful pieces of fabric and cut them up.  However, this did nothing to generate the creative spark I was needing. 

So I decided that perhaps a change of color was in order.  I washed both t-shirts to remove any sizing or finishes that my interfere with the paints I was planning to use.  I also avoided using any kind of fabric softening agents for the same reason.

After preparing my table with a sheet of plastic, I gathered the necessary items:
  • Setacolor Transparent Fabric Paints
  • Small containers to mix paint and water
  • A paint brush
  • a spray bottle with water
  • Salt
  • T-Shirts
Because of the limited number of t-shirts, I decided to test my painting skills on a sleeve. I started by using the spray bottle of water to saturate the sleeve. Next I diluted some of the paints with water and touched the fabric allowing them to disperse.  I started with the lightest color, yellow, and finished with the darkest color, the purple.  Then I sprinkled salt on the still damp piece and let it dry.

After a while, I came back and found this! Not the effect I was hoping for.  All the colors blended into mush!  I wanted to have some of the colors to blend together, but didn't expect all the colors to blend together. 

Oh well, I still had another sleeve, so I decided not to saturate the sleeve with water in the beginning.  I only used a slight mist to encourage the paint to stay moist.  That was the key to creating the look I desired!

I also decided to add some larger salt granules to create a larger star burst effect. Since the second test turned out as desired, I proceeded to the front of the t-shirt.

I repeated the same process used on the second sleeve, only I also included some fine salt along with the larger granules.  I was concerned how the Craftsy logo would react with the paints.  I thought perhaps, the paint would remain on top hiding the logo, or that the complementary color choice might make it appear neon.  But I proceeded on motivated by a looming deadline, and I reasoned there is still one more shirt!
Close up of the logo area.
Once the front was done, I proceeded to paint the back of the t-shirt in the same manner.

After both sides were dry, I brushed off the salt(throw it away, do not use again).

Next I took all pieces to the ironing board to heat set the paints.

After they were set, I rinsed them in my sink to remove all the salt. Then I dried them in the dryer.  While I was waiting for them to dry I went to my fabric stash to pull possible additional fabrics to use.  This is what I came up with.

 What do you think?  Will the fabric work?  What is she creating?  Will she get it done by the deadline???? Stay tuned for more!

Next I have to prepare for tomorrow's Paper Snowflakes BOM.  See you later-Linda

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