Monday, April 23, 2018

Head to the Hills, the Hill Country Quilt Guild of Kerrville, Texas!

This March, I was honored to share my love of Mixed Media Techniques for your Quilting and Sewing Projects with the Hill Country Quilter's Guild, in Kerrville, Texas.

There was about 112 members in attendance, eager to learn the different ways to use mixed media products to enhance their quilting and sewing projects.

It was such fun to demonstrate the techniques and share how I have used them in my projects.  Then the next day, I conducted a workshop, "Fall"-ing in Love with Thread Sketching and Thread Painting, using my original pattern.

The workshop participants used thread sketching and painting techniques, with my helpful "training wheels" to create this fun wall hanging.

"Fall"-ing in Love with Thread Sketching and Painting Traditional Fabric Choices

"Fall"-ing in Love with Thread Sketching and Painting Modern Fabric Choices 

Participants really enjoyed the process and the feedback from them was great!

They were a fabulous guild to work with and I really enjoyed my visit to Texas

If you know of a guild or shop that would love to have me give a presentation or a workshop have them contact me through my website at

The "Fall"-ing in Love with Thread Sketching and Thread Painting pattern will soon be available on my website.

May your bobbins be full!-Linda Bratten


  1. Linda, This sounded wonderful. So happy for you. Jane

  2. It was a great time. Some day we will have to get together and catch up!