Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Cabin/Spring Fever in My Studio

This has been a winter full of snow for us in Central Missouri.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good snow/sew day, but too many interferes with my list of things to get done!

To combat the cabin fever, I pulled out my sketch book and started doodling.  I seem to be drawn to flowers lately, maybe I have spring fever.  So I picked a sketch that I felt could be easily translated into an applique block.  

Then I headed to my studio to see if I could make it come alive in fabric.  I was attracted to brightly colored fabric, perhaps to offset all the white I have been seeing.  I also wanted to try a reverse applique technique using freezer paper and free-motion sewing and not using any fusible web to create the test block.

After testing, I know I will need to work on the technique as I can foresee some issues with those new to applique or quilting. It went together easily and look forward to offering this as both a pattern and a class.  I do like the soft, suppleness of the applique without the fusible.  The raw edges don't bother me as I like the sketchbook quality they have, and I can always thread paint the edges to secure them.

Does the weather effect your sewing/quilting?  Anyone out there suffering from cabin fever?

Sending thoughts of Spring Flowers your way,


  1. Oh my goodness that pattern is so beautiful. Seems like everything you do is exactly the direction I want to be able to go!

    1. Joni thank you! I hope we can inspire each other to create beautiful things!

  2. Beautiful; waiting for my tulips to bloom.

  3. I love the contrast of the flowers with the bright green of Spring!