Friday, August 30, 2019

Pattern Testing Continues...

This week has be full of testing and re-testing my pattern for the Once Upon a Story Row Along.  I am sure any pattern designer will tell you that they are always thinking of ways to improve the techniques and layouts of their patterns.

This week I am experimenting with digitizing machine embroidery applique patterns.  I love the ease of in the hoop machine applique and felt it would be a quick and easy way to test color paths and options.

My frustration comes from the designs I have created are for a very large hoop, 8"x 12" and it takes quite a bit of time to stitch them out, some more than an hour.

So when I identify something I want to correct, I repeat the process again!  By the time I am satisfied with the results, I may have tested each pattern several times!  It truly makes me appreciate the well digitized designs that others have created.

Enough of my rant, and back to testing!


  1. You can always try changing from the zigzag stitch to a ladder stitch or straight stitch as a ragged edge applique if you want them quicker. I personally prefer the zigzag and ladder stitch appliques, but even a slightly wide motif will work to depending on the software your using to digitize in.

    1. Thanks Marian! I may give it a try to create a different look and speed up the process. Thanks again!-Linda