Thursday, July 2, 2020

Zooming Along with Classes!

Using Zoom while teaching in person classes.

These past few months have been challenging.  It has brought many changes in how I now conduct my classes and workshops.  

One of the challenges has been to find ways to present classes so all can participate.  As of now, I have  been learning how to use Zoom as a way to reach my students that are not able to attend in person.  Together, we are working on a process that lets me teach live and online at the same time.

I will be honest, there has been a learning curve for me and my students.  Thankfully, my students are fearless and forgiving.  I held training sessions for my online students before we held the class.  This was helpful so all were comfortable with the controls.

I then I also video taped sections of my lessons so students could see me demonstrate the techniques without having to come close to my sewing machine.  Then I projected the video on the wall for the in person students, and the online students through Zoom were able to watch the presentation at the same time.

This is what my online students saw with the live clsss.

Toggling between the videos and the power point presentations was a bit challenging, but I believe am getting the hang of it.

Thankfully both my in person and online students are very patient with me!

Check out the results of some  my online students.

Alma H.'s Class Samples
Debbie K.'s Class Sample

They did a super job with distance learning!

I am so excited with their results.  This gives me hope that there may be a future for me with online live classes. 

Now I must ask, "If you could take an online class from me, what would you like to learn?"  Leave your request in the comments.  No promises, but you will give me a direction to head in.

Off to prep for more classes,

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