Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 Res-Sew-Lutions

Hello Creatives!

As the new year begins, I try to plan ahead the projects and tasks that I want to accomplish.  This includes focuses for my Facebook Group, Linda B Creative.

So in an effort to keep me accountable this year, I am sharing my 2019 Res-Sew-Lutions with you.

  1. To achieve the first one, I am planning more Sew-Alongs with my Facebook group, Linda B Creative.  I love to inspire others to expand their creativity.  And I hope to do so, by exploring a variety of techniques and sharing them with my group.
  2. Next, I want to reduce my fabric stash.  I am going to try to incorporate at least 80% of the fabric I have on hand in my new projects.  The temptation is great to shop, but I really need to downsize--so I can shop again!
  3. I love to teach and I have a ton of ideas for online classes.  I would love to get at least 2 of them online.  I have spent the last month prepping to tape, and I cannot wait to share them with you.
  4. Along the last line, I want to release more of my original patterns for purchase.  Watch my website, www.LindaBrattenCreations.com for more on these last two res-sew-lutions.
  5. Finally, I want to enjoy the process.  Many times I find myself creating one class sample after another.  Feeling a deadline pressure, rather than a creative inspiration.  This year I want to change that so I can enjoy the process along with the creating. 

That is probably more than I will be able to accomplish along with my regular life.  So be sure to encourage me in the Linda B Creative group and by following and commenting on my blog.

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I'm sure that all of you know how important having a support group is, so let's get started with my First Sew-Along of the year.  You can get started by downloading the Free Foundation Paper Piecing Labels that we will use on our Sew-Along.  They are available on my website at www.LindaBrattenCreations.com

Then be sure to join my Facebook Group, Linda B Creative, where I will share the pattern and demonstrate how to create our first project of the year!

Let's make 2019 our most creative year ever!


1 comment:

  1. Linda...
    Part of what attracts me over and over to your work is the wonderful abstract fabrics you use to quilt your natural machine quilting. You said at one point that these fabrics were batiks. Well, they may have started as batiks but they have been enlivened and make incredibly beautiful and perfect for your type of quilting.

    Sooooo....my question is who did the extra elemental painting on the fabric? Was it you? and if so, could you teach a class on this on (yuk!) bluprint (I liked craftsy)? or thru your webpage? Helen Godden teaches a fabric painting class thru facebook which lasts 10 months and which we pay for upfront. She offers it thru her webpage.

    It appears to me that you are using derwent inktense pencils to improve the fabric. I love your quilting style on your embellished fabics. I practice this but would love to learn more precision and skill.