Friday, January 18, 2019

The First Snow of 2019, Staying Creative when Staying In

I live in Mid-Missouri.  This past weekend, we were hit with a large snow storm. It started on Friday, and looked beautiful as it started so I got my camera out to take a few photos.  It was a real heavy wet snow, so I started making preparations in case the power would go out.

Since my sweetheart was out of town, I put extra wood in the house, started charging all my electronic devices and filled some containers with water.  I also managed to fill the bird feeders. By midnight, the power was gone.

We didn't get the winds with this storm, and the temperatures never plummeted. However, the snow did come.

And it kept coming.....

and coming!
Other Quilters commented on my accurate measuring device!

So sixteen inches of snow, and no power for 36 hours did teach me a few things. While I was prepared enough to endure the power outage, and earned the title of "pioneer woman" from my family.  I didn't plan ahead for my creative needs.

I was hoping to use my snow days to work on my website, getting patterns ready and editing some videos.  Needless to say, that didn't happen.

I did gather up some items to start an English Paper Piecing project that I have been wanting to start, but it needed a good press to get started.  So I didn't get far with that.

I was able to do some preparation and planning for my newsletter and my Facebook group, Linda B Creative.  I can't wait to get started with those projects.  Be sure to join and get in on the fun!

However, we are expecting more snow this weekend!  So what do you prepare to satisfy your creative needs when weather keeps you in?  Be sure to share both those you can do with and without power!  (They are talking lots of wind and cold temperatures with this system!)

Thanks for helping me stay creative.

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