Monday, November 11, 2019

Finishing the Paper Snowflakes BOM at Rooster Creek Quilting

This is the quilt I demonstrated techniques with.
This month I hosted my final Paper Snowflakes BOM class.  The class focused on developing and learning a wide variety of foundation paper piecing techniques.  I had a great bunch of quilters to work with and I want to share with you what they accomplished!

Enjoy the Paper Snowflake Parade!

Rose made this quilt for her grandson's girlfriend.  She used two kits to create a larger quilt.

These are Laura's blocks, the colors in her blocks give them a strong retro feel.

Susan did a wonderful job getting all her blocks done even as she was recovering from an injury!

Marti couldn't make the last session, but she sent a photo of her finished top.  I can't wait to see it in person!

Terri is auditioning different fabrics for her setting blocks.

Virginia has everything ready to sew together.  She even managed to find a different fabric for her border.

Alma is all set to sew her block together, but there was some discussion about changing some fabric choices.  I am excited to see the results.

Beth is also exploring the option of a different setting fabric.  Her blocks have a fun 30's flair to them.

Debbie is creating her quilt for a nephew, lucky guy! The Fall colors in her quilt are gorgeous.

Donna brought a puzzle for me to solve.  I hope we figured everything out.  I am excited to see the results.

Julie brought a lot of options to the wall.  We all agreed on the bold pink setting blocks.  The inner border is open to what is available.

Judy did a wonderful job making the quilt larger by adding a decorative border piece.  I think she is a bigger Hugh Jackman fan than I am!

Next up is the Dynamic Duo!
I would like to think that Irma and Peggy had so much fun in class that they couldn't wait to create a second quilt at home.  Both did a fabulous job and here are the results.

This was Erma's class project, a black and white version.

Here is what Erma did on the side.  This was my friend from this post:

This is Peggy's class quilt, check out those fancy corner blocks in the border!

This was Peggy's second quilt.  I love the mitered borders!

 I apologize to Diana. I know you were in the class, but somehow I didn't get a picture of you and your quilt. 

Since this last session was optional, not all participated.  I hope that you will bring your finished tops and quilts to a Rooster Creek Guild Meeting so I can see them.

Now on to making plans for next year!

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