Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rocked by Rocky

During February, Winter Storm Rocky hit our area hard.  We were without power for two days.  Fortunately, we still had running water, our propane stove to cook with, and a fire place to keep us warm.   

But having no electricity slowed down my sewing opportunities.  So I spent some time researching and dreaming of various sewing and quilting techniques I would like to try. My husband kept the bird feeders filled, and the birds arrived in flocks. I guess Rocky was hard on them also.  But it provided me with lots of photo opportunities.
The cardinals always remind me of my Mother, since they are her favorite bird.

All were welcome at the Bratten Buffet.

It was an adventure for a while, but in all honesty I love my modern conveniences.  The experience has fostered in me a new respect for the quilters of the past who did everything without electricity, but still produced beautiful items.  Appreciating all I have been blessed with, Linda

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