Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Introducing . . .

Introducing . . . Mr. Brayden Benjamin Bratten, my first grandchild! 

I mentioned earlier that there have been many new additions to the family, he is the latest.  He is the fourth most beautiful baby that I have ever seen—do I need to remind you that I am the mother of three sons? 
Brayden, Great-Grandma Janice and myself when he was in the hospital.

Of course this meant I had to create a few things for the new guy in town.
Burp clothes a necessity with little ones.

On this blanket the blue applique fabric is left over from a project my mother made for Brayden's Dad.

Durable and washable, two key features in this blanket.

I used a pattern I found on Pinterest and adapted it for a bib.
If you are interested some of the patterns can be found on Linda Bratten Creations on Pinterest.

I take my role as grandma very seriously, if you have any suggestions let me know. I’m thinking “Grandma Linda” may be my starring role.

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