Thursday, December 10, 2015

Threads Magazine Machine Embroidery Challenge

A few posts back I mentioned entering in the Threads Magazine Machine Embroidery Challenge. 

I just found out that my peacock shawl has been chosen as one of the five semifinalists!!!  (Happy Dance!!)
I digitized the peacock feather design, and then thread painted the raw edge appliqued bird.  What many don’t realize is at that time my largest hoop would only stitch out one of the feathers at a time.  The 84” x 22” shawl took 40 hoopings to stitch out all the feathers!
It also has some hot fix crystals on it to embellish it further.  It has become one of my favorite wardrobe accessories.
Photo by Susie Seaman
You must vote by December 15th, so follow this link,  and cast a vote for your favorite piece.  

Feeling honored to be recognized, Linda


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