Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Three Demensional Thread Applique

I wanted to share with you how much fun I had at last night’s Fiber Fun class.  We are working our way through the book, Embellish Your Life with Sulky.

I like to have the students leave with a small project if they are not completing the journal page.  This month’s small project was to use the three dimensional thread applique technique to create a poinsettia pin.  

I really enjoyed this project because first of all, it used free-motion sewing techniques.  I love stitching shapes with my sewing machine—I like it even more when the results resemble the project I was attempting!  This project contains what I call “training wheels”.  These are hints and helps to allow us get the results we want.  This class used water soluble stabilizer to assist us in creating the pieces of the pin that we filled in and outlined with our sewing machines.

The second reason I loved this project is that it used the zigzag stitch to fill in and create shapes.  Many did not know that they can use the zigzag stitch when free-motion sewing.  You need to make sure that your machine’s presser foot will allow the stitch to zigzag.  If your free-motion foot is a very small circle, you will need a different foot.  

Be sure to stabilize the fabric and use a hoop to support the fabric and reduce puckers and waves.  

Also, I want you to know that if you move your fabric to the left and right you will get straight line.  But if you move the fabric front to back you will a stitch that resembles a satin stitch or a step stitch, and will be able to fill the area with stitches fast.  This is a great way to thread paint elements to enhances, quilts, bags, and other projects.

Next, I loved this project because the techniques learned can transfer to a variety of different applications.  I hate to waste time, so I love when techniques I learn have a wide range of uses.  We are busy people that love to learn and create.

Finally, I loved this project because my students were fantastic!  I love sewing with fun people!
Stay tuned for more, Linda

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