Thursday, December 17, 2015

For the Star Wars Fans

Today is a big week for Star Wars fans.  I remember going to see the first trilogy in my youth, and then seeing the second with my boys.  So I thought it would only be appropriate to share this piece with you today.
This started as a sample for my thread painting class.  When I found the fabric in my stash—Star Wars fans, please do not disclose how old my stash is!  I called my Yoda expert to make sure my color choices were correct.  I spent over an hour texting and speaking with my son.  It was great to take the time to relive some of our Star Wars adventures, among other things. 

In the class I was making the point to help develop your skills in thread painting it is helpful to thread paint a design found in fabric. This is great to learn about shading with different colors of thread and how to use different stitches to cover the area.  For the class we then created post cards or a journal page, but I knew this Yoda piece deserved more.
So I found the appropriate quote on Pinterest and machine embroidered it to the back ground fabric.  Then I quilted my green space atmosphere all over the back ground piece.  Next I appliqu├ęd the thread painted Yoda on the top of the quilted piece.  Then using the Dusty Ferrell’s Black light thread colors by YLI  I extended the light saber.
While the piece was fun to create, I appreciate the memories of being with my boys in their youth and working with my Yoda expert more.  So be sure to not miss out connecting with friends and family, don’t be too busy and miss out on the more important things. -Linda

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