Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Quilt Pattern Testers for Designers

Pattern designed by Gosia Pawlowska of Quilts My Way

This year I was able to test a fun foundation paper piecing pattern designed by Gosia Pawlowska of Quilts My Way.  You can read about my start of the process here:https://lindabcreative.blogspot.com/2019/11/testing-quilt-pattern.html

As a pattern designer, I understand the importance of testing and creating a pattern that is easily understood and executed.  By having a variety of testers with various skills, I can create a pattern that a quilter can be successful with.

As a pattern designer some things that I look for in a quilt pattern tester are:

  1.  Possessing the skills needed to create the pattern.
  2. Able to test the pattern within the time allowed. I may be on a deadline with my printers and distributors so this is very important.
  3.  The ability to give constructive feedback. This means being able to explain why the process didn't work as directed, or what could improve the process.
  4. The ability to used required fabric/products as directed (exactly) in the pattern. If you use an alternate construction practice, I won't know if my instructions are correct.
  5. The skills needed to photograph the finished product and steps in the creation process. I may at times use my testers photos on social media and printed publications.  Also, this helps me identify issues in the creation of the pattern.

As a pattern designer I desire my patterns to have clear and concise directions, and to be accurate and complete. Using quilt pattern testers is one way I can offer a great product.

If you are interested in becoming a pattern tester, fill out the contact information on my website describing your skills in the comment sections. and I will add you to my growing list. Click Here to register.

Off to create something wonderful,

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