Monday, December 2, 2019

A Small, but Mighty, Sewing Studio

Today's prompt for the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge hosted by Cheryl Sleboda of is sewing space.

I have never used the words, small, but mighty to describe anything in my life except my current sewing space.  In 2012 my husband and I downsized our home.  It was a smart move since all of the boys had left home.  This also meant that I left behind a very large and much loved sewing studio.

So I have had to make some choices about what I want to focus on, and what I really love to work with to keep my creativity within its boundaries.  I remember Alex Anderson discussing her decision not to build a larger sewing studio.  She reasoned that a larger addition/studio would raise her taxes, so there was the financial aspect.  She also knew that her current space was working, but it probably just needed to be decluttered.  That helped me to focus on what I really love to work with in my studio and to let go of the other stuff.

In addition Cheryl Sleboda also hosts a Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop.  This has encouraged me to dig deeper into my space and find forgotten things to work with and remove unnecessary items.

I have discovered that I am in love with sewing machines of all kinds.  I just wish they didn't need so much space.  I am also a “tool gal”, having the right tool for the right job makes a world of difference.  But I have discovered that no matter what size you have to work in, you can still be creative and make wonderful things!

Now I need to clean up some creative clutter in my studio!

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